Benchen Buddha Maitreya Project starts project

Benchen Buddha Maitreya Project, March 31, 2019

We invite you to kindly support and make donation to “Benchen Buddha Maitreya Project”

By being a part of the “Benchen Buddha Maitreya Project” through funding or contributing to it, in cash or in kind, one continuously generates and accumulates good merits as long as the temple remains for the benefits of all.

The Buddha taught that one of the supreme means of accumulating merit and wisdom through the body, speech, and mind is by building monasteries and teaching centers.

A Monastery is not just a place that shelters sacred statues, scriptures, and sangha, but also a place where the sacred teachings of the Buddha are being taught to benefit so many.

A place where actual healing of the mind begins.
It is not a place where only one person comes but thousands will gather.
It is not where only one person teaches but many great teachers will teach.